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As your Councilwoman in Overland Park, Ward 1 I will be a strong voice for all citizens. Overland Park is a great place to live and I want to keep it that way for everyone! 

I have been organizing my Neighborhood Association. It is inspirational to see neighbors getting together to learn about each other and their city. These bonds make for strong neighborhoods and strong neighborhoods create strong cities!

I have lived in Johnson County for 18 years, as long as I've been married and I have lived in Overland Park for the past 11 years. I have been a professional in Human Resources, owned my own business for 3 years, and have been, and am currently, active in my PTA.

Overland Park is a great place to live! And I say that as someone who has lived many places. I chose to put down roots and raise my 3 children here because of the wonderful community, parks and schools! 

Part of keeping Overland Park a great place for everyone means working together to create affordable housing choices for all of our citizens. This includes options for our teachers, nurses and civil servants, who are a vital part of our community. 

While I believe we must work with our business community to help create strong neighborhoods, we must look at development and grow opportunities on an individual bases. Let's create a strong vision for Overland Park with the combined stability of our neighborhoods and creative knowledge of our businesses.

Together , we can continue to build a city that our children will be proud of! I ask for your vote so that I can be a strong voice for Overland Park, Ward 1 as we grow our city.